Architectural Paintings


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Bauhaus Dessau Interior

Oil paintings 

  • in this an expose the oil paintings about landscapes, nature, and interior compositions as an art

  • a presentation of personal watercolor artworks dealing with the color in architecture and landscapes, elements of architecture, beauty, art and the general atmosphere of spaces

Creative services 

  • In this chapter are listed all art exhibitions, publications in art catalogues, as well art awards, where the artist presented personal artworks. 

  • art consulting for bringing the fine arts into your interior space 

  • creating interiors 

  • styling and brand design, personal design   

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 a space for architectural paintings

The watercolor paintings i created, are serving practical role, for being an architect same time - as enhancing the architectural design, conveying information and reproduction in the form, translated into complex tonal equivalents of light, reflections and shadows, coherent in the compositions. During the years of study at the Fine Arts Academy and afterwards practicing architecture, were created several numbers of paintings and graphic works performed in various artistic techniques from watercolors on paper, oil on canvas and wood, icons and graphics, to digital graphic works. Here are shown urban and landscapes, portraits, painted with oil and water colors, as well graphic compositions.



of watercolor medium


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