about artist 

Germany (Bonn) based artist-architect Daria Smirnova is holding a status of an artist at National Union of Artists of Ukraine, as well actively participating as an artist at art exhibitions in Europe. The future exhibition is going to take a place in Vienna, Austria and the latest exhibitions were taken places in Rome (Italy), Bonn (Germany), Prague (Czech Republic), Palermo and Venice (Italy).  

The artist has been published a number of articles on arts and architecture, as well the artist's personal artworks were published in art magazines, as well art catalogues, interior design magazines. 

Personal artistic oeuvre is based on synthesis of architecture and fine arts, fine arts is important part of being an architect and practicing architecture is enhancing spatial, proportional and compositional perception for being an artist. Currently the artist is being a practicing architect in Germany, as well developing a personal art project ColorsOfArchitecture