Fine Arts

- watercolor, acrylic and oil paintings, illustrations

All original paintings and the fine art prints can be booked online from our website and facebook page. The selected painting will be framed and customised to fit your personal view and your interior.

We paint for you, we also paint your ideas.

ColorsOfArchitecture using the extra fine artistic mate- rials, such as french Sennelier, german Mussini, russian WhiteNights, hand made cotton paper for watercolors, or extra fine linum canvas for oil and acrylic paintings.

Rhone Alps.jpg

- art consulting for placing the fine arts into your interior space

We suggest placing tips for fine arts in the home and office interior spaces, trend ideas and color suggestions.

- interior design

Our architect-artist is working in well-known german architectural companies.
Our team create a design interior for home, office, boutique hotels, exhibition stands, shops and show- rooms.


- styling and decorating spaces

- space and scenes for phography and filming, brand design, personal design
We create scenography, we help variety of small business and brands, for instance eco brands, organic streetwear brands, to showcase their products with our decorative items and fine art.

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Creative services